The General Tab

  1. To open the Preferences field, go to Tools > Preferences.
  2. There are many pages of the Preferences field; to toggle between them, click on the name at the top of the page.
  3. In the General tab, there are options to show LDS ordinance information in the PAF program or on the printed reports, as well as many others.
  4. Put a checkmark in the field labeled LDS Data to have the LDS ordinances show up. If this is selected, the data will not be deleted, it will just be hidden.
  5. When the Verify New Places field is check marked, a pop-up field will appear each time a new place name is typed in. This is so you can double-check the information as you are entering it.
  6. If the Edit Marriage When Created field is check marked, the Edit Marriage field will automatically open after a spouse is entered. Otherwise, you have to open it yourself.
  7. To have shaded colors on the reports that are printed out, put a checkmark in the Shade Reports field.
  8. Use List When Navigating
  9. If you select the Treat Enter Key as Tab, each time you hit enter it will be as if you hit tab. If this field is not selected, each time you hit enter it will end the task (close the field, etc.)
  10. To be able to edit the Ancestral File Numbers, check mark the Allow AFN Edit field.
  11. You can change the color scheme in PAF using the Colors button at the bottom of the General Tab page.
  12. Click on the Colors button, and then use the down arrow to select which area in PAF you want to change colors.
  13. Click Change Color to select which color you want.
  14. Clicking the Windows Colors will change the colors of PAF to the colors you are using in Windows.
  15. After you have made the color changes, click OK. The changes will not show up until you exit out of the Preferences field.
  16. To add a password to Personal Ancestral File, click the Password button.
  17. Type in the password and click OK. This password will apply to all PAF files on your computer, not just the one that you have open. To change or remove the password you have to remember the old one.
  18. The Display Notes Selector section gives options for the notes selector, which is a list of categories you can use in your notes: All, Biography, Birth, Christening, Death, Burial, and Marriage. You can have these options appear when you click on the Notes field from the Edit Individual field (click in the From Edit Individual field) or from the Notes shortcut on the tools bar in PAF (click in the While Browsing field).
  19. In the File Backup Prompt Frequency you can select the number of times you close a particular file until PAF will prompt you to make a backup.