The Multimedia Tab

  1. To open the Preferences field, go to Tools > Preferences.
  2. There are many pages of the Preferences field; to toggle between them, click on the name at the top of the page.
  3. In the Multimedia tab you change details about multimedia you have included (pictures, sound clips, or video clips).
  4. Edit the slide show preferences in the Slide Show section.
  5. Change the length of the Default slide time for each slide (the amount of time the slide will appear unless the controller changes it earlier) with the up and down arrows.
  6. You can use the Default slide size or select your own Slide size-to-screen ratio by selecting that button and changing the percentage in the field. This will change what percentage of the screen is taken up by pictures that are smaller than the screen.
  7. Change the Background Color of the slide show or the scrapbook. Select which you want to change using the down arrow.
  8. Click Color to change the color of the background.
  9. The Show default photo. option allows you to have the default picture appear on the family view (only for the person in the Primary Position). If this is not selected, no picture appears in the family view (they will only appear on the family group sheet or pedigree charts that you print out). See ____ to learn how to set a picture as the default picture.
  10. In the Print Preview section, you can choose to Use photo placeholders in the print preview rather than the pictures themselves by clicking in that field. On the print preview there will be a space indicating that a photo will be there, but the photo will not appear on the preview.
  11. In the Photo Display section, you choose if you prefer quality or speed. This is just for when pictures need to be resized for the slideshow or scrapbook. Choose Fast if you want the picture to load quickly but not look quite as good. Choose Quality if you want the picture to be high quality but take longer to load.