The Names Tab

  1. To open the Preferences field, go to Tools > Preferences.
  2. There are many pages of the Preferences field; to toggle between them, click on the name at the top of the page.
  3. In the Names tab, you can display surnames in various forms or append items to each surname.
  4. Click the Automatically mark. field to have PAF assume what the surname is. This is used when sorting names for lists or charts in PAF. You can select how PAF assumes what order the name is in (depending on how you enter the names or the naming standards of the culture).
  5. Click in the Verify surname marks field to have PAF show you what it's assumption of the surname is. The surname marks can be changed at anytime by editing them in the Verify field or in the Edit Individual field.
  6. To capitalize all surnames, put a checkmark in the Capitalize surnames. field. They will be capitalized in PAF and on all charts and reports.
  7. To have PAF automatically insert the father's surname when adding a child, click in the Use father's surname. field.
  8. You can append a number to each person's name on the PAF screens by using the Append to Names field. You can append nothing, the RIN, a Custom ID, or the Ancestral File Number (AFN). You can only select one of these appendages.