Creating and Editing Marriage Information

  1. An edit marriage field will automatically pop up when you close your father's field for the first time. This is for your parent's marriage.
  2. To bring the field up at other times, highlight your father's field and go to Edit > Marriage.
  3. Add your parents' civil marriage date and place to the first section, under Events. The sealing information then goes in the second section, under LDS Ordinances. If your parents were sealed in the temple and married at the same time, put the date and the geographic location of the temple under the Events section and put the same date and the temple code in the LDS Ordinances section.
  4. Most of the other options are the same as they are in the Edit Individual field. To delete the entire marriage, click the field labeled Delete on the right side. To indicate that this couple was divorced, put a checkmark in the field labeled Divorced at the top of the Edit Marriage field.
  5. Click Save to exit out of the marriage field and keep the information you have entered. To exit without saving, click Close.