Exporting GEDCOM

  1. To export a GEDCOM, select File > Export.
  2. Select the destination of the GEDCOM in the Export To section.
  3. Each destination has default settings for what to include in the GEDCOM (in the Include section). These can be changed.
  4. In the Include section you can select Notes, Sources, Multimedia links, Contact Information, Confidential data, Full information on living or Names on living, Submitter, and LDS data.
  5. When submitting anything to the Internet, never submit information about living people. At the most include only the names of relatives who are still alive.
  6. In the Selected Individuals section, select All individuals or Partial.
  7. If you selected Partial, click Select.
  8. You can use the Relationship Filter to select people to be included in the GEDCOM.
  9. When you have selected all the individuals that should be included in the GEDCOM, click OK.
  10. Select the location to save the GEDCOM. Give it a name and click Export.
  11. You can then use the GEDCOM to submit your genealogy to an online database, send the GEDCOM to a family member, or import the GEDCOM into a different file.