Importing GEDCOM

  1. GEDCOM stands for Genealogical Data Communication. It is the way that genealogical data can be transferred from one genealogy program to another.
  2. To import a previously saved GEDCOM into PAF, select File > Import.
  3. Find the location of the saved GEDCOM.
  4. Highlight the GEDCOM and click Import.
  5. If the GEDCOM is saved on the same removable drive that the PAF file is saved on (floppy disk, zip disk, etc.), you will get an error that tells you the GEDCOM cannot be imported. You must save the GEDCOM in another location for the import to work.
  6. If there were already individuals in the file, it will not look like the import was successful. Before you try to import the file again, check the Individual View and look for an indication that there are more people in your file than there were before. It is most likely that the individuals are there, you just need to complete Match/Merge to link the duplicate individuals.