Editing Options

  1. On the right-hand side of the Edit Individual field there are a series of buttons. The first two, Save and Cancel, are how you exit the Edit Individual field. If you wish to exit without keeping any changes you have made, click Cancel. If you wish to exit and keep the changes you have made, click Save.
  2. The next field is the Options field. If you click it, a drop-down menu appears.
  3. To add a new event field to the Edit Individual field, click Add New Event/Attribute
  4. Select the event you would like to add from the list on the left. If the event does not exist in that list, click New to create a new one.
  5. Fill in the details for the new event. Click OK.
  6. Highlight the event (either the one you created or another one) and click Select.
  7. The new event will appear under an Other Events section in the Edit Individual field.
  8. To remove an event or attribute that you added, click Options > Remove Event/Attribute. Click Yes to verify.
  9. To add symbols and other characters that are not standard, click Options > Symbol.
  10. In the symbol field, select the symbol or character that you need, and click Insert. This will insert the symbol wherever the cursor was.
  11. To see a date calculator, click Options > Date Calculator. This will tell you the day of the week if you input a date, or you can find out the difference between two dates (in years, months, and days).
  12. Enter one or two dates in the Start and End fields (make sure that you enter the earliest date in the Start field and the later date in the End field). Click Calculate to see the difference. You can also add a start date and the difference variables (years, months, and days) and calculate the final date.
  13. Back in the Edit Individual field, the Help button brings up the help manual for Personal Ancestral File, where you can search for an answer to a question that you have.
  14. To add contact information for an individual who is alive, click on the field underneath the Notes field that has an image of an envelope.
  15. Enter the applicable information, then click OK to close the field.