Printing the Pedigree

  1. To print, go to File > Print Reports.
  2. Select the type of report you would like to print.
  3. Under Pedigree, you can print off a 4, 5, or 6-generation pedigree chart.
  4. Make sure the starting person is who you want it to be. If not, select the correct person using the Search button.
  5. Type the individual's RIN, if you know it.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select the chart size in the Type of Chart section.
  8. A single page will print off 1 page.
  9. A cascading chart will print off the pedigree chart for the starting person and then continue the pedigree charts on subsequent pages for as long as the generations continue. The starting person on the second page of the chart will be the parent of the last generation on the first page of the chart.
  10. A blank form will have no names, dates or places, but will have the lines and labels so you can fill in the 4 generation chart by hand.
  11. In the Chart Options section you determine details about your chart.
  12. Select the down arrow to choose 4, 5, or 6 generations per page.
  13. If you are printing this chart to be a continuation of previous charts, indicate what number you want the chart to be in the Chart number on 1st chart field.
  14. If you want the starting person to appear somewhere besides the first person on the first chart, change those number in the Start person is same as... fields.
  15. For the cascading charts, if you want the subsequent charts to be numbered differently, change that with the Starting number on continuation charts field.
  16. For the cascading charts, select the total number of generations in the Number of generations to print field.
  17. In the Chart Numbering section, Fixed means that you cannot choose what numbers each chart receives (see numbers 17 and 18 above).
  18. Sequential means that you can change the numbers on the chart (see numbers 17 and 18 above).
  19. In the Index Options you can have no index - select No index for this option.
  20. Select Include index if you do want to print an index.
  21. Select Index only if you want to print the index without a pedigree chart.
  22. In the Other Options section you select more options for your chart.
  23. Make sure there is a checkmark in the Include "Prepared By" if you want your name, address, and other Prepared By information to appear on the chart.
  24. For the Suppress RIN/MRINs option to be available, you must have appended the RINs (or another number) to the names.
  25. Check the Parent links field to indicate parent links other than biological (ie Adopted, Guardian, Sealed, etc.).
  26. Select the Allow last generation to split option to fit more information on a page. This option, if needed, will cause the last generation of wives to be situated slightly to the right of the husbands information, so as to allow more information to fit. This option, even if selected, will only be utilized if it will provide more space for information. If not the wife will be directly below the husband on the last generation.
  27. Select Include photos if you would like linked photographs to appear on the chart. Even if there is not a photo linked to an individual, there will be a space provided for the image. If there are images linked but this option is not selected, the images will not appear on the chart.
  28. Choose the Multiple parent indicators option if you want a plus sign (+) next to the name to indicate there is at least one other set of parents.
  29. To see a preview of what you will be printing, click the Preview field on the right-hand side of the screen.
  30. To see the second page of the preview, click Next Page.
  31. To print from the preview, click Print in the upper left-hand corner.
  32. To close out of the preview, click Close.