Slide Show and Scrapbook

  1. You can view a slide show of the pictures you have linked to an individual.
  2. This only works with the pictures of one individual; you cannot view a combined slide show with all of the pictures in the entire file (if you would like to have all the pictures included, link them all to one individual).
  3. To view the slide show, open the multimedia field for the individual (using the shortcut at the top of the screen or by opening the edit individual field and opening the multimedia).
  4. In the multimedia field, click Slide Show.
  5. To view a scrapbook, click Scrapbook in the multimedia field.
  6. Use the Multimedia tab in the Preferences field to change the size of the pictures or the length of each slide.
  7. To print the pictures in the scrapbook, use the Scrapbook options in Print Reports.