Data Entry

  1. To add yourself, click Add > Individual.
  2. Your full name goes in the Full Name field. For women, always use their maiden names.
  3. A field may appear that asks you to verify the surname. If the slash marks are already on the correct surname, click OK. Otherwise, move the slash marks to where they should be and then click OK.
  4. Your gender goes in the Sex field. There are three options: Male, Female, and Unknown. The Unknown option is for instances when a given name can apply to both genders (such as Pat, Chris, etc.).
  5. The first field in the date area is for the birth date. PAF has a standard format that can be changed using the Preferences field. Always remember when using dates in family history that you should include all 4 digits of the year (e.g. 1990 rather than 90).
  6. The next field in the date area is for the birth place. You should record all the jurisdictional levels, for example town, county and state. If you do not know one of the levels, leave a comma and an extra space.
  7. The christening date and place go in the next 2 fields. A christening is not an LDS baby blessing. There are separate fields for LDS ordinances. However, a birth date and a christening date are somewhat interchangeable - both are valid for temple work.
  8. The death date and place should be entered in the same way.
  9. If a death date or place is not available, the burial date and place can also be used.
  10. The next section is the LDS Ordinances. First is the baptism. The date goes in the first field.
  11. If the baptism was done by proxy in an LDS temple, the temple is indicated in the next field. There is a five letter code associated with each latter-day temple, and that is what goes in this field. Click on the arrow on the right side of the field to see a list of all of the temples and their corresponding codes.
  12. If the baptism was completed while the individual was alive, the geographic location of the baptism should go in the Place If Living field.
  13. The endowment date and temple go in the next two fields.
  14. Sealing to parents date and temple go in the next fields. If a child was born after his/her parents were sealed in a temple, they were "born in the covenant." If this was the case, put BIC in the Sealing to Parents field and leave the Temple field blank. Personal Ancestral File and other programs recognize BIC as "born in the covenant."
  15. If the sealing was done by proxy or after the child was born, put the ordinance date and temple where it was completed in this area.
  16. The last section is Other. One of the things this field is used for is titles, such as Duke, Sir, Dr., etc.
  17. The Married Name field is especially useful if it is a composite name (like Gonzalez Perez in Spanish, with two surnames), a hyphenated name (Garbetts-Turner, for example), or a non-traditional name.
  18. The Also Known As and Nickname fields should especially be used if an individual used those names consistently, or if the name very different from his/her given name.
  19. The Cause of Death and Physical Description fields are just for your own information.
  20. Ancestral File Number is from the database Ancestral File, available in Family History Centers and at Every person in this file is assigned a number, which you can record in your Personal Ancestral File. If you are unable to insert your cursor in this field, see Tools, Preferences > General > Allow AFN Edit.
  21. You can create your own numbering system for the individual in your file and record it in the Custom ID field.
  22. After you have made all the changes you want, save those changes by clicking Save in the upper right-hand corner of the Edit Individual field. This will close the field.
  23. You can open the Edit Individual field whenever you need to by highlighting the field and clicking Edit > Individual.
  24. To add your father, click Add > Father.
  25. An Edit Individual field will appear where you can add your father.
  26. The surname is already entered, but you can delete it and type another one if needed. The gender is also pre-selected, and this cannot be changed.
  27. Everything else is the same as when you enter information for yourself.
  28. Click Save when you have finished entering your father's information.